An Insight Into Annlyel’s Mind

Annlyel James is an incredible movie blogger, an aspiring author and a film fanatic. She has very kindly allowed me to interview her for my blog. Annlyel is amazing and a very talented writer! If you haven’t done already, check out Annlyel Online!

Who has been the most villainous hero and the most heroic villain?

“Great question! The most villainous hero: Snape. Snape had us all tricked for years as he pretended to favor Voldemort but the whole time he really was an ally of Dumbledore’s and he actually loved Harry Potter! It was an absolutely amazing twist that made his character stand out.”

“The most heroic villain: I think I’d give this title to Thanos. Yeah, his plan of galactic genocide was horrific but it was for, in his mind, a heroic reason. He thought erasing half of all life would save lives in the long run and while that was a very demented way of helping humanity he didn’t care. He also has compassion which isn’t something you see from a lot of movie villains. He cried when he had to kill Gamora, he felt empathy for Tony Stark before nearly obliterating him with four Infinity Stones, and he felt sorry for Wanda Maximoff after she blew her boyfriend to smithereens. Thanos may be evil but he’s heroically evil.”

I completely agree with Professor Snape being the most villainous hero! As you mentioned a character from two different movie universe’s, which universe would be your ultimate favourite to live in?

“Oh, this is a tough question but I think I’d have to say Harry Potter’s world. Having a tent that’s interior is the size of a large house is just one of the perks of his magical world.”

I like your thinking! From the movies that I have watched, all the actors/actresses have portrayed their character so well that it exceeded my expectations. What character could have been great, however the actor/actress they cast did not live up to the role?

“Once again, great question. Actors and actresses truly make characters stand out in fascinating ways so this is a tough question for me. After deep deliberation, the character I think that could still be great despite whoever would be cast in the role is Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot, of course, did a great job portraying the iconic superhero character but I feel Wonder Woman would still be phenomenal with any actress in the role.”

I think Ewan (my husband) would beg to differ as he fancies Gal Gadot! Speaking of crushes, do you strongly admire any celebrities?

“Lol! That’s funny but I can’t blame him. She’s gorgeous. “

“Now, do I have any celebrity crushes? That’s a tough one. There are certain actors who I definitely more handsome or charming than others. As a girl, I had a HUGE crush on Orlando Bloom for a while…until I grew up and he got, well, old. Nowadays I honestly don’t know. I can’t say I have crushes on these actors but I do find them attractive (which I guess means I have a bit of a crush on them.) So, I’ll give you the short list.”

“Chris Evans, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver (that dark hair and those beautiful eyes get me every time), and last but definitely not least I think John Boyega’s cute (and kind of dashing.) Wow, that’s the three main men in the current ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. ”

Chris Evans has grown on me each time I have watched the Captain America films! As you know, I adore Tom Hiddleston, especially as Loki. I use Loki’s quote from Avengers Assemble, ‘I am burdened with glorious purpose’ on a regular basis, so much so, I would love the quote tattooed on my arm! Do you use any movie quotes often?

“Great quote! That’s definitely one worthy of a tattoo. My favorite quote that I like to use to motivate me on a daily basis is a quote from Yoda in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. He says to Luke: “No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” That quote inspires me every time I hear it.”

If only there was an R2-D2 alarm clock, projecting a hologram of Yoda stating that quote, in the morning to give us a boost! Has Yoda or any other movie character changed your perception on life?

“I think I’d have to say Yoda has had the biggest impact as a fictional character on my life. His words of wisdom have aided me so many times throughout the years. The only other character that I can say has provided me unparalleled wisdom to use on a daily basis is Qui-Gon Jinn with this quote here: “Always remember. Your focus determines your reality.” I LOVE that line.”

That is a really good quote, simple and to the point! So, what is your focus in life?

“What is my focus in life? Once again, great question. I think I’d have to say my focus in life is to be the best I can be. As the years go by and I continue to practice my craft (which is writing, whether that’s fictionally or in my blogs) I get better and better at honing my unique skills. My goal is to be one of those middle-aged people who has become a Jedi Master, if you will, of my craft and everything I do or create is just…perfect (or as close to perfect as possible.)”
You wholeheartedly deserve each bit of success that comes your way! Lastly, what are your plans for 2019?

“As for my plans for 2019. I really like to take it one day at a time. Today I’m participating in an interview with you. Tomorrow will bring a new adventure. But I do hope to have at least three novels of mine published sometime next year and I’ll make sure you’re the first to get a digital copy.”

Thanks, Annlyel for your time and I’ve enjoyed this interview with you!

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