Thank You For Taking A Different Route Home

We first met in 2011, we were both in separate relationships. I was so nervous to say anything, however, I blurted out something about your tattoo (the only one I could see at the time). You replied with a short answer and said nothing further.

I didn’t see you for the next couple of years, despite living in the same town. I was led to believe that you were arrogant, which made me not like you… (I strongly dislike arrogant people!)

Photo by Ami

One summer’s day in July, 2013…I was in the local park, with two good friends. As I was chatting with India, Reno stood up and started waving like crazy to a man in the distance. As the man came closer, I realised it was you.

Somehow, you and Reno got talking about that you were going to be dressing up for a party, yet you didn’t reveal who as. We were guessing for a few minutes, yet no luck.

“Spider-Man” you said. I looked straight back at you and thought, “Maybe we do have something in common”. (I love superheroes!)

So, you said that you were heading home and decided to take a different route home, to get ready for work, so we said goodbye.

When I returned home, I received a Facebook notification…you wanted to add me as a friend. I clicked ‘Accept’.

I had split up from my ex about a month or two before we met up again. I noticed on your profile that your relationship status was ‘Single’. I told you that I was sorry to hear of your recent split. 

We continued chatting throughout your breaks, it was nice as we shared the same sense of humour. You were working until 11pm, not long before you finished you sent me a message asking if I would like to go for a walk with you. My heart was telling me to say ‘Yes’, however my head was telling me otherwise. I took a risk. I chose to follow my heart and said ‘Yes’.

Luckily, at the time, I only lived 2 doors down from where you worked. You sent me a message to say that you had finished and were waiting outside, I came to meet you. Then we began our walk.

I noticed that we never ran out of things to chat about. I felt at ease being with you, something I had not felt before around a boy. I felt safe with you too. 

You wanted to pop home to get a hoody. Once you grabbed one, we headed out and continued our walk.

First, we sat on a bench, at the quay then we headed to the beach. You played Always by Bon Jovi, on your phone, whilst we sat in the sand. It still surprised me that the conversations just kept flowing. Being with you just felt right.

After a short while, you led me to a bench, located in a secluded corner so that we only had a view of the beach. As I sat down, I complained about my shoulders hurting and you kindly offered to give me a shoulder massage. I gratefully accepted (I never say ‘No’ to a massage!). Even though you did not touch my skin; I felt a spark, it was like I was trying to contain electric shocks that were running throughout my body.

As you finished, I said “Thank you”, then you came and sat next to me. It was about 2am.

You were getting chilly from the sea breeze, so you asked for a hug. As I leant in towards you, you wrapped your arms around me. It felt like the world had stopped and that it was just you and I living in the moment. I laid my head on your shoulder.

You gently kissed the top of my forehead. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I tilted my head up and kissed you on your cheek. As I began to pull myself away, you turned your face towards me and kissed me.


If you had not walked a different route that day, you would not have bumped into us.

Do I believe in fate? Yes, I do.

Ever since that day we have not been apart.

You’re my best friend, my fiancé, my husband-to-be, my world, my everything. But most of all, you will always be my Spider-Man.

I love you Ewan ❤️

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Taking A Different Route Home

    1. Well, sometimes I get ideas for stories just looking at the world around me. Maybe in the way the air flows through the trees or how the clouds are shaped so beautifully in the sky. Nature’s unparalleled beauty can sometimes provide the most incredible ideas for a story. And don’t worry about trying to create an extensive novel. Just write a few pages and let your imagination take you on a wondrous journey. Your story could be fifteen pages long and it’ll be more impactful than most 300+ page books.

      That’s my advice for writing a story. I hope it helps. 🙂


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