Goodbye 2018

I didn’t think I was going to make it through this year, well nobody did. I really didn’t know how precious life is until I was on the verge of losing it.

Here are 18 things I’ve learnt from 2018

  1. I have learnt to face my worst fears possible and to power through them.
  2. NG tubes are less uncomfortable being removed than they are administrated.
  3. To use my voice; I have one so I shall speak up!
  4. How bloody amazing the NHS are!
  5. The importance of mobility aids – they really do give you your freedom and independence back!
  6. How precious time is.
  7. To be myself, I shouldn’t have to hide who I am.
  8. To say NO and stand my ground.
  9. That I enjoy writing.
  10. I like wearing cardigans — never thought I would see the day!
  11. To not wait around for things to happen by itself, I’ve got to do something to make these things happen!
  12. Just how strong I really am.
  13. That Ataxia can be controlled.
  14. Physiotherapy DOES work!
  15. Ewan is more organised with the wedding than I thought he would be!
  16. To take each day as it comes.
  17. To like broccoli!
  18. To be happy within myself

So 2018…on one hand you have been the worst year of my life BUT you have been amazing too because I have met some incredible people who I cannot imagine life without!

2019 will be a special year as Ewan and I get married! I wish you all the best for 2019 and thank you for supporting my blog and hope to continue writing in the new year! ❤

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Hey fellow superheroes! I'm Ami, I'm 24 and I live in Norfolk, UK. On my blog, UndercoverSuperhero, I openly talk about my recovery journey which stemmed from being in hospital and a specialist neurological rehabilitation centre for 9 months. I talk about how I maintain a positive mindset whilst coming to terms with my disability. I love superheroes, so much so that my partner and I are having a superhero themed wedding! I generally like to talk about anything and everything on my blog, I also have an ongoing series called "The Reality of..." which allows readers and bloggers to raise awareness of the disabilities, mental illnesses, chronic illnesses, impairments, that they live with as it is so important to raise awareness! Everybody has a voice! 💚

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