March Round-Up

I knew the beginning of March, 2019 would be an emotional one as it was the first anniversary of when I became critically ill.

Luke Sam Sowden, a lifestyle blogger who is severely visually impaired praised my blog and my writing, alongside 4 other incredible bloggers, in his post, Shine The Spotlight March 2019.

I found out during the morning of the anniversary and I’m not going to lie, I cried! Thinking back to 1 year ago, I was unconscious, but I thought I was asleep, no clue as to how my life would be turned upside down when I woke up. Fast forward to now, being praised – it was very overwhelming and really made me happy, thank you again Luke!

I received an offer to provide video content for UrbanSocial, a worldwide online dating website. In the video, (if you click on the link) I talk about a funny time that I shared with Ewan which he won’t let me live it down!

March 2019 was Blood Clot Awareness Month and as I have to wear stockings (not the sexy ones!) On a daily basis, I wanted to raise awareness of what can cause blood clots and ways to prevent them.

Alanna, an out-of-this-world lifestyle, beauty and foodie blogger at Life Like A Galaxy Girl, kindly offered me the opportunity to take part in an interview series – I Prefer Hot Chocolate Interview. Alanna is really easy to talk to and just a truly wonderful person!

Melanie, a mental health blogger at Melanie Jessica, allowed me to write a guest post about Motivation and Mental Health. Melanie is amazing!

Tinka, a beautiful lifestyle blogger at Little Tinkablee, has been raising awareness about bullying by giving others the chance to share their experiences, you can check out my guest post – Different Shades of Bullying.

I wrote a poem, Conscience for Anne or better known as Emah Purple who is a unique blogger and shares lots of captivating musings!

Who Said She Said is an online blog community sharing engaging content written by women, I was excited to write the first guest post which you can check here, Adulthood – Has it lived up to our expectations?

A trip to the dentist sparked my inspiration for this post, Fear – Is it worth the anxiety? It really did give me a whole new perspective on fear.

Georgia, a lifestyle blogger at What’s in my wonderland? Shared with her readers what motivates her and 14 fellow bloggers to blog. It was incredibly insightful to read about others drive to blog and you can read their statements, including mine in 15 Bloggers share their motivation.

Georgina, a musician, photographer talks about what it is like living with a chronic illness on her blog, Chronillicles. Georgina has created a series where she invites fellow bloggers, who have a chronic illness, to share their experience of living with a specific condition. You can read my guest post here, What it’s like living with Transverse Myelitis.

Jess, a remarkable blogger at Just Call Me Jess writes about a variety of topics from mental health to motivation. I wrote a guest post for her about Mental Health and Social Media – The Good Side

Wow… I got a LOT done! I thoroughly enjoyed writing each guest post and of course, my own!

Do check out the incredible bloggers I have mentioned in this post!

Let’s see what April brings!

8 thoughts on “March Round-Up

    1. Thank you Aileen! I didn’t realise how many guest posts I had done until I checked to see what I had done in March. My instant reaction was…bloody hell! 😂


    1. Thank you! ❤ As of yet, I have nothing planned but every single one that I mentioned above was completely spontaneous! So I’m excited to see what April brings 😁

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