Who She Was by Annlyel James – Review

Who She Was is the debut novel written by Annlyel James, a young and aspiring author.

I was very fortunate to be the very first person to read Annlyel’s debut novel. Before I started reading, I was concerned as I had not read a story for quite a few years. But I wanted to start reading with an open-mind.

Who She Was is the story of a man, Frederick Poull, who desperately seeks the truth about a much-loved and admired actress, Annabelle Vicstoria. He delves into the thoughts and feelings of a number of suspects who shared a bond with the beloved actress, one way or another. No stone is left unturned as Frederick finds out what really happened to Ms Vicstoria.

Illustrated by Uzuri Art

Annlyel describes the simplest of items and the quirks of each character in a way that you can visualise them in front of your very eyes. You can feel the rawness of each emotion as Annlyel brings each character to life. Each character has their own story yet Annlyel manages exceedingly well to leave the reader’s imagination run wild.

The mystery-themed novel captured me from the very first few pages. To some, Who She Was could appear as your average Whodunnit? Storyline – The twists and turns at each corner left me both captivated and frustrated as I continually thought I knew the answer, but I didn’t.

The beauty of this mystery novel is when I experienced the moment of being incredibly engrossed and the puzzle started piecing together.

Overall, Who She Was is an outstanding debut of Annlyel James’ upcoming work. There are so many routes this story can take, each character leaves you yearning to know more and frankly, Who She Was is, hopefully, the brief teaser of a remarkably hypnotising story which has the potential to take many directions!

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