May Round-Up

Is it just me or has May flown by?

What’s been happening in May?

I came back after a little break – my mental health was the lowest it has ever been and I needed to take a step back from everything.

I’m a Wheelchair User and I Can Walk

Shona, from Shona Louise was looking for wheelchair users, who can walk, to write a few lines about why they use a wheelchair. Due to an overwhelming response, Shona couldn’t feature everyone’s statement however I was fortunate to have my statement featured on her Twitter thread, I’m a wheelchair user and I can walk

Low Self-Esteem & Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

As someone, and I’m sure many of us have, who has battled with low self-esteem, I wanted to discuss the topic and not only suggest ways to help myself, but to help you guys too! You can read it here, Low Self-Esteem & Ways To Be Kind To Yourself


Not sandwich fillings 😂 I’m talking about the dentist! I had my 2nd and final filling, well for now, for my current treatment process. It really is amazing how quick they can do things now!

Ceremony Venue

Our wedding ceremony has finally been paid off! Woooooooo!


On Twitter, I reached 1000 followers and I can’t believe people actually like the shit I come out with

UndercoverSuperhero Reached a Huge Milestone!

Now, when UndercoverSuperhero began its journey back in October, 2018, I was amazed to even have 1 follower. Then I hit reached 10. This month…over a 100 of you are now following me and my journey and gosh it made me emotional! I really do love you guys and I thank you all from the bottom of my butt…. I would say heart but my arse is bigger! 🤣

Extraction Time!


I was absolutely shitting myself as I’ve never had any extractions before! So, I had impressions done first and it was like this weird mould stuff which tasted horrible but was over with within a few seconds. Then my dentist administrated local anaesthetic and cleaned my mouth.

The first tooth was an absolute bugger to get out! There was a slight curve which made it awkward. After a few minutes of tugging it this way and that way, it popped out with a loud POP which made us all jump!

The second tooth came out in like 2 seconds and I didn’t even notice anything! The pain started to kick in when the numbness wore off and it was throbbing! Thankfully, the ache had gone by the next day!

Excuse the mess in the back of the car, I had physio before my dentist appointment.

Home Adaptations

At the beginning of May, I had the local council and my new OT come round to assess what adaptations I may be entitled to. After about an hour, they assessed the back door leading out into the garden, the upstairs bathroom and the stairs for a stair-lift.

I wasn’t holding out much hope as this is a small house and I was preparing for the decision to be that we would have to move.

I received an email, I think early last week, to say that I am eligible for a stair-lift which means I will be able to sleep upstairs, sleep in the same bed as Ewan and spend time with my Guinea pigs, Loki & Thor!

I’m also eligible to have a completely new bathroom with an accessible shower so I can finally have a shower in my own home! The back door is going to be widened which will allow me to access the garden in my wheelchair!

I’m beyond overwhelmed as these things can easily be taken for granted yet I currently don’t have access to these. It’s a huge relief to know that I will have access to these in the near future!

The Reality of Epilepsy

Sarah raises awareness of Epilepsy and tells us about the moment she experienced her first seizure and how it affected her mental health along the way in the The Reality of Epilepsy.

“I tried to tell my boyfriend that something was wrong with me when I realized that I couldn’t talk. Then my head turned to the right, facing the passenger side window, and my right arm moved up and back, as if I were reaching to scratch my back. I wasn’t controlling either my head or my arm.”


A sentence that I never thought I would say…*drumroll*


I still can’t quite believe it! I lived off fizzy up until I got admitted to hospital. Well, to be fair, I didn’t have much of a choice, I couldn’t eat or drink anything, by myself, for about a month. This was the longest I had been without fizzy so I thought I would see how long I can continue without it. I did try a sip, last May, to see if I still craved it….and I didn’t!

But I learned my lesson, the gas made throw up a few hours later! But yes, I have been fizzy-free for 1 year!

I’ve Been Nominated For The Versatile Blogger Award!

Suzi, from My Colourful Life, nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award and it made me so happy that someone would nominate me again! I’ve yet to nominate others and hopefully will do this soon!

The Words I’ve Been Waiting to Hear (Bit Ironic)

I had a routine appointment with yet another consultant with regards to my hearing. Countless appointments have gone by and the same procedure is always repeated. I have to repeat what my hearing is like every time and it is so frustrating!

Again, I had to try the same devices. Again, to no avail. By this point, I was so angry I just wanted to leave the room. 2 years I had been going around in circles and I couldn’t take it anymore.

But this time, the consultant understood how I was feeling as she was deaf too. Plus, it came to light that I was referred to her as none of the other consultants knew how to help me.

She has referred me to a specialist hearing clinic! At long last!

The Reality of Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Hydrocephalus, Crohn’s & Anxiety

Megan raises awareness in The Reality of Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Hydrocephalus, Crohn’s & Anxiety and tells us about how she has found support within the blogging community.

When I was 17, my anxiety had a particularly bad phase. I missed several week of school in my A-Level year and struggled socially. My panic attacks got so bad that I was admitted as an inpatient.

The Big One

I dread to think what you are thinking! Filthy! We finally paid off the registrar which is a huge relief as this has been the most expensive thing we have had to pay for, for our wedding!

A Clumsy Miracle – 6 Months After Discharge

Trying to recap everything that had happened, since I was discharged from rehab, was bloody tough! It was the longest post that I have written to date, over 3000 words! Honestly, it was wonderful to look back and remember what I had done or achieved. Here’s to the 1-year post!


As you all know, our wedding is going to be far from traditional! Etsy has been my saving grace with the majority of wedding items, and we found our cake topper!

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments in May and remaining busy during such a difficult month in terms of mental health – I’m sure you can attribute your positivity to your work, accomplishments, and help and inspiration you provide to others.

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