My 3 Wedding Wishes

As our wedding approaches closer and closer, it’s safe to say that it’s the only thing on our minds lately!

Organising a superhero themed wedding has definitely been challenging but super creative and fun! Plus, with a very tight budget, this was definitely going to be a challenge!

The other day, when I was on the toilet, I thought of ‘If I had a wedding genie’… you know, because all the best ideas pop into your head when you’re sitting on the toilet!

With that being said, here are my 3 wedding wishes…

If you’ve followed me on my recovery journey, then you’ll know how determined I am to walk down the aisle

1. Walking Down The Aisle

I’m going to be incredibly focused on walking that I know I won’t pay attention to my surroundings. Although we are having a photographer, I wish for my big moment to be recorded so I can watch it back in years to come.

2. Avengers Assemble!

Now, a girl can only dream! I’m going to take a plunge and do something I’ve never done in my life – speaking in front of a crowd. I really want to do a speech…obviously I’m going to talk about superheroes because you can’t have a superhero themed wedding without paying tribute to our favourite superheroes!

My ultimate dream would be that when I say “Avengers…” the entire Avengers cast walks in and says, “…Assemble!”

That would just make my entire life!

3. To Raise Money

Instead of asking for gifts, we are asking guests to donate to the physiotherapy department on the ward I was on for 8 weeks who taught me how to sit up and stand up again. Also, physiotherapy and occupational therapy department at the rehab I was an in-patient for 6 months, they taught me walk again and gain more independence.

If it were not for these superheroes, I don’t think I would be here today because I would have given up.

I would like to be able to give back to them, whether it be funding for new equipment or aids…it will help massively.

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