Calibre Posture Corrector Review *GIFTED*

*This was a gifted opportunity. I will provide the link to the product however this is not an affiliate link therefore I will NOT be paid any commission if you choose to purchase this product.

As I have Ataxia, a neurological condition which causes loss of co-ordination, balance issues, an unsteady gait and deterioration in my fine motor-skills.

The form of Ataxia which I have, Sensory Ataxia, causes me to have poor muscle movement coordination. It is because of this, which has resulted in having a substandard posture. Although I have regular physiotherapy, I am always seeking to try any new aids to improve my posture. So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to test the Calibre Posture Corrector and review the product!

I used Amazon to purchase the Posture Corrector, I had already been advised with the specific advert which was easy to locate. Everything you need to know about this product is perfectly described on the website. Priced at £15.99 and numerous 5-star reviews, I believed that this product would work for me.

I purchased the Posture Corrector and was regularly updated with regards to the stage that my order was at. Overall, it took 3 days from placing the order to the product arriving. Very efficient shipping and great communication!

When the product arrived, I was eager to test it out! Due to my poor fine motor-skills, I was unable to open the packaging of both the parcel and the product, my partner opened both for me. I was able to place the Posture Corrector on myself with ease. However, to enable the product to work, again due to my poor fine motor-skills, I was unable to tighten the straps, my partner helped me with this. Once the straps were tightened to my preference, I sat back in my chair and continued with using my tablet.

It is advised in the description on Amazon, to only use this product for 15-30mins. I went with 30mins. Throughout this time period, I was very comfortable, the straps did not cause any irritation at all. Once the time period had ended, my partner loosened the straps and I was able to take off the Posture Corrector.

Bare in mind, I have suffered with immense stiffness in my neck and shoulders for over a year. Once the product was taken off, the stiffness had reduced, not completely, but dramatically! I was amazed, and then I could actually feel that my posture had substantially improved. I did not experience any pain, nor aches. I’m truly overwhelmed, in a positive way, by the Posture Corrector and I wished I knew of the product sooner!

Nearly a week on, I am still using this and with each time that I have used the product, the more benefit I get from it. My neck and shoulder stiffness and pain have almost completely gone, I can still feel slight tension but it is so much better than it was before I started using the Posture Corrector!

My physiotherapist was impressed with this as I wore it during my physiotherapy session, she praised the alignment of my posture which is definitely something I never thought she would say as I have always suffered with a poor posture!

I highly recommend the Calibre Posture Corrector to anyone who suffers with regular stiffness or pain in their neck, shoulders and back. If you have a poor posture, then this product is definitely for you!

I’m always sceptical and hesitant as to whether various aids will benefit me, as I’ve tried many and to no avail, however with the Posture Corrector, I cannot fault this product because there are not any. It is absolutely perfect and I strongly feel like I have the stature I had years ago!

To find out more about the Calibre Posture Corrector, click here!


  1. Thanks Ami for your review of this. I remember you telling me about it a while back. If it’s ok with you I will let Joe read your review and will send him the link for the Posture Corrector. I think it could help his back a lot and he does have problems with his posture too. I’m so glad it is working for you and you are getting good use of it. Will let you know if Joe gets one. xx 🙂

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    1. Definitely! Especially in my shoulders. My shoulders used to be incredibly tensed up from muscle tension, but I’ve definitely noticed after a couple of months of using it that my shoulders are much lower now and I am able to move them freely. Let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to answer 🙂💚

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