Rant – 02

So, I received my first hate comment this morning and it’s completely knocked my confidence in campaigning and raising awareness.

I was told my attitude is disgusting and that I need to think of others before myself.

All my life, I’ve put everybody before myself, put everyone else’s needs before my own.

Yet the moment I stand up for myself, I get told I have a disgusting attitude?

How much shit do disabled people have to take before they snap?

Why is it OK for bullying?

Right now, I’m the lowest I have ever been. I don’t want to do anything at all.

Yeah, I set out for my blog to be about Positivity but right now, I’m not I’m struggling.

I’ve tried my hardest to carry on educating people rather than getting frustrated.

But I can only handle so much ignorance.

How do you respond to hateful comments? Because I don’t know how too…

12 thoughts on “Rant – 02

  1. Learn to ignore them dear.
    I know its easier said than done but that is the best option for one’s own peace of mind.
    It takes years of practice. I used to be very bad at ignore negative comments or criticism and used to go around feeling upset.
    But I realised that the only one being hurt here was me.
    As I grow older I am learning to take such things in my stride.

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  2. I am sorry that you have to endure such comments. Please know there are many of us out there that vehemently disagree with such comments and are completely in your corner. To that end, if you feel a need to rant or vent then it is something worth us hearing.

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  3. How do you respond to hateful comments? Tell that person, in your head, to kick rocks. If someone’s talking junk it means you’re doing something right. Keep going, Ami! You’re the best. 😊👍

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  4. I have an explicit notice on my blog that comments that violates basic respect and safety – basically hate comments- will be moderated. No ifs, ands or buts. I absolutely think you have the right to that. There are thousands of blogs in the world. If some jerk doesn’t like yours, well, plenty of fish in the sea. They can just move along. Choosing to do anything otherwise shows their poison, not anything about you. Easier said than believed, I know, but seriously. People who write those comments deserve being prevented forcibly from hurting you and everyone else with their words.

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  5. I’m so sorry that someone would send you such comments. I’m sending you a huge hug 🤗 . I’d just block and delete, no one needs any kind of negativity like that in their life. Xxx

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  6. You hit the nail on the head with the word ignorance.

    It is sheer ignorance that drives negative behaviour. I wouldn’t wish disability on my worst enemy but it is only by having a disability that you realise just how isolating it can be. Things you take for granted when you are not disabled suddenly present unseen challenges.

    Keep positive and ignore the haters. I read your post on your superhero wedding and thought it a wonderful idea. Focus on your wonderful day and keep being that shining light in the darkness that we all need, disabled or not.

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  7. I have gotten hateful comments as well. Delete them and block the person so they can’t do it anymore. Don’t worry about those few, concentrate on the good comments and followers. I hope you will have a great day in spite of this!🙂😺🌞

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  8. I feel very strongly that my blog is not a place for hate of any sort. My response is to delete the comment and blacklist the commenter. The kind of people that leave hateful comments aren’t going to be persuaded by trying to reason with them. Delete, delete, delete.

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