Travel Fair Campaign – Scope

I’m involved with the current campaign, Travel Fair, with Scope (a UK based charity who aims to achieve equality in everyday life for disabled people).

Source: Scope

“Like every disabled person, I have a right to access public transport. Our rights should come before attitudes!”

To read my article, please click here.

Scope says, “It’s hard for disabled people to know what to expect when using public transport. This impacts people’s ability to get to work, meet up with friends, and live independent lives.”

“Disabled people are being let down by lack of services and poor regulation. But it doesn’t need to be that way.”

“We are not asking for perfection, just equality and fairness. We don’t expect public transport to be perfect, but we do expect it to be fair.”

Source: Scope

Join the campaign today!

By sharing your transport experiences and telling Scope what promises you’d like to see transport companies keep to!

5 thoughts on “Travel Fair Campaign – Scope

  1. The Travel Fair Campaign is great and fab that you are helping Scope to raise awareness of it, Ami. I have answered Scope’s questions and hope things improve soon for us all. I must admit that I deliberately don’t use public transport because it is just too damn hard so I just shy away from it. I wish things were different as I would love to be able to travel independently. I’m sorry to hear things were so difficult for you travelling on the bus recently and can relate to your story as I used to use the train when I was still working (I was solely walking with my crutches then) and remember having to stand part of the way from Glasgow as the train was jam packed and nobody offered to give me a seat. It wasn’t until some people got off that I could finally sit down.
    I couldn’t believe people’s attitude that day, most people pretended I wasn’t there and I felt so angry and tired at the end of the journey. Everybody should be allowed to travel fairly and safely and not be treated like second class citizens. Thanks for raising awareness of a really important topic. xx 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry to had to experience the ignorance of others, it is just common sense and good manners which some seem unable to comprehend. Thank you for putting suggestions forward to the campaign – I sincerely hope that things change soon too! 💚


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