New Blog Banner!

Suzi, from My Colourful Life, has begun a new endeavour- a graphic design business in which she can create any graphic you need! From logos, social media and blog banners and so much more. With Suzi’s creative mind, the sky is the limit with what she can create for you!

The entire process was inclusive from start to finish, from Suzi’s questionnaire that you would need to complete, she can obtain a variety of ideas to create your graphic. She also ensures that you are happy with every step of the process!

I wanted to go for a blog banner to be placed at the top of blog posts or at the top of the page…currently still deciding!

Where do I begin?!

From the moment I created UndercoverSuperhero, I dreamed to see the name in the same style of font that is used in the title, Avengers Assemble and Suzi has made my dream come true!

Green and gold – Green is my favourite colour and as I am in love *coughs* AM OBSESSED *coughs* with Loki, I wished to have green and gold colours throughout my blog.

The tornado was Suzi’s idea and once she explained why she suggested it, it made complete sense! Tornadoes are strong, unpredictable and full of energy. I’m quite a strong person. Unpredictable suits me down to a T as I never know what is going to come out of my mouth! Full of energy, I put every ounce of my energy into each blog post I write.

And obviously the wheelchair as I’m disabled!

Lastly, Suzi came up with the tagline, ‘Disability Is My Superpower’ and I thought thus was bloody spot on! Suzi said herself, that disability is often seen as a negative thing. In retrospect, it’s not a negative thing for me. It’s a positive, and that’s one of the messages I wanted to convey through my graphic.

I highly recommend Colourful Cactus Designs to anyone who needs an original graphic!

You can check out Suzi’s designs on Instagram or email if you would like Suzi to create your graphics!

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