The Reality of Right Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy – Guest Post by Stephanie

Stephanie’s guest post is the 37th post in the segment on my blog, called “The Reality Of…” which gives others the ability to share their story and raise awareness of the disabilities, illnesses, impairments and invisible illnesses that they have.

Meet Stephanie!

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I’m from Southwark. I lived in Central London all my life. I’m a health awareness / lifestyle blogger.

My Story

I have right hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy since birth and was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the aged of 16.

Common Symptoms

My common symptoms for Cerebral Palsy are muscle spasms on a day to day basis. My Epilepsy is all about auras, focal seizure and tonic-clonic seizures.

I have zero affects on my Cerebral Palsy, however, with my Epilepsy I have to be careful when I travel outside my house. My auras are spontaneous and can present as a nausea feeling, dizzy spells, or hallucination.

How They Affect Me

My Epilepsy affects me tremendously in daily life activities. My triggers for my seizures are high stress levels and high anxiety levels. I like to go to crowded locations because i know if I seize, local people can help me by dialling 999.

Learning To Adapt

I’ve learned to adapt with my Epilepsy by keeping my stress level very low, to take my medications at the right time, and use the app ‘Pocketcoach’ to help me calm down when i’m frustrated.

Changing As A Person

I have changed as a person when I became an epileptic. There are still ableists all over the world and don’t understand the living conditions of a disabled, and chronic illness individual. The results from not understanding is we, disabled people, are brutally bullied by the ableists. I’m trying to end the stigma of being different and raise awareness for Epilepsy so able-bodied and the disabled can live peacefully together in one community – without discrimination and ableism.

My Favourite Superhero

My favourite superhero would be Emma Swan. She is the main character from the fairytale tv programme ‘Ounce Upon A Time’ which ended in 2017.

Thanks Stephanie for sharing your story with my readers and me!

If you would like to stay up to date with Stephanie, then you can find her on her blog, Happy Beginnings!

2 thoughts on “The Reality of Right Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy – Guest Post by Stephanie

  1. thank you for sharing. It is very humbling to read Amy’s guest bloggers and I feel privileged to have this opportunity to learn and understand different disabling medical conditions. Every good wish x

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