An Update

Hey everyone,

It feels like forever since I last wrote anything. A few things have happened and that’s why I’ve not been so active on my blog and I apologise for that.

Last Tuesday, we set to film my New Food Challenge, which we did finish recording. When I, eventually, upload the video, you will See, towards the end of the video, that I hold my side.

Pain came out of nowhere, but it was bearable until we stopped recording. The pain literally exploded and took over both of my sides, my back and my chest.

The pain got so bad, that I struggled to breath and nearly passed out. I had experienced this quite a few times this year, but this time the pain was at it’s most severe.

But what frightened me the most, is that I felt exactly like how I did before I had a seizure, back when I was in ICU. All of my insides felt tight and I felt like my entire body was vibrating.

I begged Ewan to call someone, he phoned 111 and they said an ambulance would be on it’s way.

I was trying to stay awake as the pain had made me very tired. There was no sign of an ambulance. Instead, a doctor phoned Ewan back and spent 35 minutes…


…on the phone, going through what I was experiencing, what’s already wrong with me, my medication, etc.

Thankfully, the pain eventually eased.

The doctor on the phone came to the conclusion that I would need to see my GP.

No shit, Sherlock!

Later on, Ewan got a call to say I had an appointment at 5:30pm. I managed to get some sleep before my appointment.

After checking me over, my GP said “it could just be a nerve thing”…

Considering I have 2 neurological conditions and severe nerve damage…

Two Sherlock’s in one day!

I went back to see a different GP the next morning, as my chest felt very heavy. It really dad drain me.

He actually listened to what I was saying, and took his time to communicate with mem rather than Ewan or Mum, which I appreciate immensely!

He thinks it’s all connected with my Transverse Myelitis. Also, I need to wait until this Friday as I have an appointment with my neurologist – just a routine one but I will tell him about the new symptoms.

Plus, I finally find out if I have Mitrochondrial Disease, and I’m dreading it. All I know is that its progressive.

And that terrifies me.

Then Saturday morning, I woke up to agonising pain in my lower back and I could barely move. I struggled to even transfer with my Ross Return.

Years ago, when I had this lower back pain, I received physiotherapy and found out that my spine is abnormally formed in my lower back. The doctor at the time did mention that it is possibly Spina Bifida, but no more tests were carried out.

All I got told was that it could cause problems for me in the future. That was it. So, I’m going to speak to my neurologist about that as well.

At this rate, I have more illnesses, conditions, etc. than I do friends.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that statement.

So, yeah. Sighs.

I hope you’re all keeping well and warm because its bloody freezing!

6 thoughts on “An Update

  1. The logical reasoning skills of some medical folk is quite outstanding! I’m so sorry you’ve been experiencing this, it sounds bloody awful. I do hope they can pinpoint a little better what’s causing it and what’s going on. Fingers are crossed for your next appointment with the neuro  ♥
    Caz xx

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  2. I am so sorry to hear about all of this. I hope your appointment goes as well as can be hoped for on Friday. (Btw, maybe it was one Sherlock and one Dr. Watson on Tuesday?) Feel better.

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  3. sending hugs and thank you for keeping us included in your life Ami. Lost for words about the the medical ‘professionals’ encountered. xx

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