Thor: 10/06/15 – 10/12/19

I really had hoped I wouldn’t be typing this, especially as it’s not long since Loki died.

Ami is in bed, smiling, with Thor resting on her

As soon as Ewan and I got up, we went to see Thor for our morning cuddles, like we always do.

As we got closer to him, we saw that he was very still, he was breathing, but he always comes straight over to us when we sit near him. But he just stayed facing the same direction.

Ewan first noticed that Thor had his head leaning to right. At first, he looked like he broken his neck, it was upsetting to see.

We both looked at each other and just knew.

Ami is in her wheelchair, leaning over to kiss Thor on his nose as he stretches up to touch Ami's face

We didn’t want Thor to suffer, I told Ewan to quickly ring Mum to see if she could give Ewan a lift to the vets. In the meantime, Thor was resting on my chest and we had lots of cuddles. He was more affectionate than usual, I think he knew too.

What hurt me even more was that I wouldn’t be able to go with Ewan to the vets because it was pouring with rain, and I couldn’t risk slipping and falling. So I had to stay home.

Before they went, Thor kept putting his nose to mine because I was crying and kept trying to lick my nose. Which made me cry even more.

I dreaded each message I received, I was hoping that whatever had caused this could be treated.

Thor went to the rainbow bridge near 1pm.

The vet told Ewan that it was an ear infection, but because guinea pigs already have a low survival rate and weak immune systems, the kindest thing to do was to let him go peacefully.

The boys are back together again šŸ’š

Loki and Thor snuggled together, after having a bath

R.I.P. My Handsome & Gorgeous Boys šŸ’š