Why Superheroes Mean So Much To Me

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with superheroes. When I’m watching a film, nothing excites me more than seeing the Avengers suit up or the villains preparing to dominate the world. Superheroes and villains are so much more than their iconic catchphrases and their awesome outfits; I, like many, can relate to their values, to the reasons as to why they do what they do, and why they choose a specific path to take.

Like all of us, they face a lot of battles, not just with each other, but within themselves too, whether it be an illness or insecurities. Over the past decade, they have taught me that no matter how hard the fight may be; I will fight until the end. To stand up for what I believe in and make a difference. I’ve also learned that superheroes don’t need to wear a cape, or wear a costume; it’s their morals and the person they are that makes them extraordinary.

Iron Man

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, endured a life-changing chest injury after being kidnapped, which led to him creating an artificial magnetic device to prevent shrapnel embedding his heart and ultimately killing him, the arc reactor. Tony also developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after the events that took place in New York, in Avengers Assemble, where Loki and his army attempted to destroy Earth. In Iron Man 3, it is evident that Tony is suffering with flashbacks, sleeplessness and tremors.

Despite his arrogant persona, he is a hero. Tony is devoted to doing the right thing, not just for himself, but his family, friends, and just about everyone on Earth. He knows that he has the power to make a difference, even though he sacrifices himself when the time comes.

Professor X

Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, is a paraplegic. He is renowned for his telepathic abilities, and has a wealth of knowledge about genetics (I may have to contact him about this Mitochondrial Disease…). Xavier attempts to promote peace between all humans, with mutations or not.

Batgirl/The Oracle

Barbara Gordon, aka The Oracle (also known as Batgirl), became a paraplegic after being shot in the spine, by the Joker. Already being incredibly intellectual, she uses her technology expertise to lead the Birds of Prey. Admittedly, one of her catchphrases is pretty damn cool, “Don’t let the wheelchair fool you, I can still kick your ass!”


Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, is terminally ill with Cancer, and suffers with Chronic Pain. Due to an unsuccessful trial of a medicine, which would cure his terminal illness, he was left with mutant abilities and burn-like scars all over his body. Wade is a very quick-witted anti-hero. He is fearless, a tad reckless, and just an awesome character.


Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day but by night, Daredevil comes out to play. After an accident that left Matt blind, at a young age, throughout the years he developed Echo Location which enables to see by using sound. Due to this, all of his remaining senses are heightened.


Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is deaf. Although, in the films, it is evident that he does not have a hearing impairment, but in the comics, he does. He also knows sign language and I would love to see this used in a film that he’s in!

Doctor Strange

Doctor Steven Strange was a phenomenal neurosurgeon before an unfortunate car accident resulted in him suffering with severe nerve damage in his hands. In the attempt of finding a cure, Steven encountered The Ancient One (former Sorcerer Supreme/Leader of the Masters of the Mystic Arts) who mentored him, which led to Steven becoming the Sorcerer Supreme; utilising his magic for the greater good.

I admire them for persevering, despite their world being turned upside down. I find them so relatable.

But like I said earlier, not all superheroes wear capes…

16 thoughts on “Why Superheroes Mean So Much To Me

  1. I love this post and it’s such an important lesson to us all to keep on fighting no matter how hard it gets. I especially love Deadpool because of his wicked sense of humour! Xx

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  2. You would be a great companion to my grandchildren who can’t believe that I am so very clueless about superheros. They have seen every movie and know about each person in depth, just as you do.

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    1. Definitely! I told a student nurse who looked after me, that she was a superhero. Within 2 days of being transferred to rehab, she really made me feel at ease and really helped me. Shes phenomenal. When I told her, she cried. I didn’t mean to make her cry but she will always mean a lot to me 💚

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