23 thoughts on “Update – Blood Test Results

  1. Woohoooo, great news, Ami! Thanks for letting us know – it couldn’t have been an easy time waiting for these results. With anything where you’ve got symptoms or something’s seeming ‘off’, it’s a catch22 as you want to know a cause, but you don’t want there to be anything wrong. Know what I mean? The test results are definitely a relief though – I hope you’re hanging in there as well as possible lovely xx

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    1. Defo know what you mean – thankfully no new symptoms appeared (only because of another reason) but they wanted to closely monitor the gene, I think its every 3 months I can’t remember but it was a relief that’s for sure! I’m getting there slowly, hope you’re doing okay too πŸ’š

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    1. Thanks Katherine, things are starting to get better and I’m doing okay thanks. Hope you and Alfredo are keeping well πŸ’š


      1. I’m keeping safe and so far I’m coronavirus free. I haven’t been hiking since, goodness, February or sometime like that. Maybe it was March. But I don’t want to risk exposure because of my disability because I could get really sick, so hiking is out for now because too many people are clogging the trails.

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