August 2020 Round Up

Hey everyone, how have you been doing?

Hormones Kicked In Big Time!

The first week of August saw me set off on the emotional rollercoaster… cheers hormones! I lost count how many times I cried, some times were rational and the other times were for no reason at all.

Some of the rational reasons were due to my frustration – nesting urges have set in and I’ve found it incredibly frustrating wanting to get things ready and in order to do that, I’d need help with everything. It just really got to me that I couldn’t do anything myself. I felt useless.

The other rational reason was because I am just so excited to meet our baby girl! I can’t wait to have her in my arms, its amazing how much love you have for someone whom you’ve not met yet.

We Got A Cot!

I was super excited to get this, so much so, I was up at 3am to check my bank account to see if money had gone in. I went back to sleep and placed an order at a more reasonable hour. It arrived the next day and is currently waiting to be assembled – I will take pictures when its all ready!

Worth The Wait!

Saturday 8th August will be a day, more precisely evening, I will always treasure. I’ve not mentioned this before but since 13 weeks, I’ve been having stomach injections which prevent blood clots. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, Mum sometimes placed a pencil on my stomach to see if bump would ripple/kick or make any movement.

Only reason we do it after my injection is because I’m in a lying position.

We hadn’t tried the pencil test (I don’t know if its actually called that) for a week, instead Mum was making noises by shaking different things, which Little Avenger responded to!

Anyway, on Saturday, as bump has blossomed this week, we tried it again. Mum placed a pencil on my stomach, and shook my sharps box (which makes a fair bit of noise) and, to my amazement, Little Avenger made the pencil move! Oh my god, this was the first time it had happened and I gasped so loudly, I really wasn’t expecting it!

I had tears in my eyes, it was such a special moment and we’ve been doing it every night since – here is a video below!

Little Avenger having a good ol’ boogie to Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll by The Woolpackers – Link to the song/video can be found here.

We Went To Primark! (Finally!)

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, then you will know I absolutely LOVE Primark! The last time we attempted a trip there was at the beginning of March, I say attempted because we only got as far as up the road and the car broke down… then lockdown began!

We left quite early in the hope to leave Primark around midday, which is usually when it starts to get busier. When we got there, it was quite quiet, the quietest I’ve ever seen in fact!

It quickly dawned on me that this would be our last shopping trip (to Primark, at least) until after Little Avenger is born, possibly some time next year. So, for that reason, I decided this would be our first and most likely last shopping spree.

All was going well until we hit the men’s section. Whatever Ewan liked the look of, he threw in the basket. I’m never taking him to Primark again, he is bloody expensive!

But I didn’t mind as much, as like I said this would be our first and last spree. It was nice to be care-free for once. We got a few more bits for Little Avenger too,

Typical though, we were halfway through paying and I had completely forgotten the main thing I usually come for… leggings! So, we bought some on the way out. I’m pleased to say I finally have leggings that fit and I can breathe in!

It was bloody boiling as well – trust me to pick one of the hottest days during the heatwave… while heavily pregnant… and wearing a face mask. It was no surprise that I completely crashed when I got home, extremely fatigued and unable to put a sentence together for a while.

Side note: it was really good to see the majority of customers wearing face masks, social distancing on the other hand, well a lot of improvement is needed!

Ewan Heard Little Avenger’s Heartbeat

I’ve mentioned before that we have heard our baby girl’s heartbeat through a device called a Doppler. I use a pregnancy app where I can find out what is happening, common symptoms for each week, and what Little Avenger can now do. I can’t remember which week it mentioned this, but it said about listening to your baby’s heartbeat through bump.

Ewan has been feeling her kicks for several weeks now (I’m yet to determine if certain sensations are kicks, I think this is largely down to my Sensory Atadia and Transverse Myelitis causing altered sensations throughout my body). I’m hoping that as she gets bigger and stronger, I will be able to tell that she is kicking.

Anyway, Ewan likes to rest his head on my bump (lightly, not using me as pillow) and we’ve found that Little Avenger likes to kick or punch his head! But something special happened…

Ewan heard her heartbeat while he had his ear to bump!

I’ll admit, that made me tear up a little. It was such a special moment and I thought it was just a myth, but it actually happened! Our little Thumper!

28 Week Midwife Appointment

On Monday 24th August, we reached 28 weeks! Also, we had our 28 week midwife appointment. Our midwife was off sick, so we saw someone new. The appointment was quite quick compared to the other appointments that we have had.

My blood pressure was checked, which was fine, bloods were taken and we got to hear Little Avenger’s heartbeat again! She is still a little Thumper, bless her!

We were given a Labour Information Pack and a Bounty Pack which included some useful products… I’ve not read the information yet as its too small so I will need to read little bits at a time. Receiving the packs made it al hit home that Little Avenger will be here in less than 3 months!

I’m still yet to find out if I can breastfeed or not, due to all the medication I’m on. I would like to try breastfeeding if it is safe to do so, but if not then that’s OK, as long as baby gets fed then thats all that matters!

Side note: I received my results from the glucose test and I don’t have Gestational Diabetes! Woohoo! Well, for now anyway, as I will be tested again in a few weeks time.

28 Week Bump Photo

Definitely feeling pregnant now! Excuse the bruise… stomach injections!

Photo of Ami's 28 Week Baby Bump

Molly Was Being Inappropriate

Which, to be fair, is nothing new. I’ve been asked by my friend, Hannah, from Hannah’s Hope, to talk about being pregnant and disabled for her podcast. I began the final recording, and was only under a minute in of recording, when Ewan said, “Well… this is awkward!”

I looked at him confused, and he pointed to Molly who was basically trying to satisfy an itch, whilst making grunting noises. It sounded like someone was having sex in the background. Oh my days… she just doesn’t care!

Thankfully she remained quiet when I started recording again. Its a good job that I’m never on live TV because Molly would certainly make a name for herself. Dogs!

I Received A Decision…

I’d been thinking more about getting a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) this past month, especially with the upcoming recovery time after Little Avenger is born. So, I done some research into what vehicles were available on the Motability website.

I fell in love with the Peugeot Rifter and the advance payment is anything from Β£995. If I had that money spare, I would have got the ball rolling there and then. A good friend told me that there is a grant available to help with advance payments for Motability vehicles.

I thought I’ve got nothing to lose if I apply and see if I’m eligible. The application process was straightforward and easy to complete. I had to supply them with a few bits of verification, like a bank statement with my name and address on, and to show I receive PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and UC (Universal Credit). Also, a letter from my GP detailing my conditions.

The decision time took just under 2 weeks, and I wasn’t expecting the decision I got at all! If anything, I was expecting maybe Β£500 maximum to help towards the advance payment.

Nope! I choked on my apple juice when my Mum told me the amount… Β£1,995!! I thought, ‘Well, bugger me!’

All we need to do now is contact a dealer and arrange for them to bring a Peugeot Rifter to me, for us to view it (that’s another thing, i didn’t realise they could bring the car to you!). So, all going well, I may have my own car very soon!

Growth Scan and We Got The Date For My C-Section!

On Friday, we got to see Little Avenger and she has gotten so big! I forgot this was only a growth scan so it was over with within 5 minutes, plus no photos this time.

But she is doing very well, gave us a little fist bump and still as active as ever! Everything appeared normal and her weight is estimated to be 2lbs 10oz. She’s head down already which also means I’m more likely to get kicked in the ribs now! Touchwood, she’s been good and I’ve not been used as a punch bag… yet.

I think there will be 2 more growth scans… I think.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait around for up to 2 hours, like we usually do, for a consultant to see us. Instead, they would call us when we got home… and we had literally got through the front door and they rang!

They told us that everything is good, baby is good, my blood results are good. I swear, I’ve had more good test results whilst pregnant than all the other times! Then, they explained I would definitely be having an epidural before the c-section. I triple checked that this was safe with all my conditions and they have reassured me that it is.

Then… we got told the date for my c-section! Ewan was hoping for Little Avenger to arrive on Halloween, why I don’t know… but she will definitely be arriving in November! Fancy having a guess at which date? Her actual due date is the 16th but it will be before that.

Its so bizarre to have a date finally confirmed! We really can’t wait to meet her now!

What’s Happening In September?

Originally, this was a surprise for Ewan, for our first wedding anniversary (can’t believe its almost been a year already! And I still haven’t finished writing about the day… whoops!) However, after the month of hell that Ewan had at work, I wanted to give him something to focus on and look forward to…

We’re having a 4D scan! I was hoping to book it for the actual date of our anniversary but the place is closed on Mondays, so I booked it 2 days before instead. I can’t wait to see who Little Avenger looks like the most! I hope she has my nose as that’s my only feature I think is cute! Nevertheless, she will be adorable anyway!

We have another growth scan, I will be just under 32 weeks by then – its going so quick!

I will be viewing a Peugeot Rifter XL at the end of the month, yay! I really, really hope they have a green version in stock – not sure what colour I will settle for if they haven’t. As long as the colour can be related to Loki, then I’ll be happy – but green is preferable!

I think that’s it as far as I’m aware. How was your August?

– Ami πŸ’š

16 thoughts on “August 2020 Round Up

  1. I had a lot of fun waiting for that pencil to move. It is wonderful to be following your pregnancy and the growth of your little girl. I had to look up the Peugeot since I had no idea what it was. The car looks roomy and great for your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could happily watch her make the pencil for hours – although some of the time she would be asleep. She is loving all types of music! I’m just hoping the Rifter is as spacious as it looks online! Hope you’re doing OK πŸ™‚πŸ’š

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My August was not remarkable but that’s a good thing and thanks for asking. What lovely start to September to read your news .. sounds so exciting and I’m guessing your Mum will be as delighted as I was to be a Nanny .. or perhaps she will want to be called Granny? In fact we have three great grand step children now and looking forward to hubby’s 80th birthday on Saturday. So envious of you young ones but of course can understand the challenges for you Ami .. thanks for blog which was a lovely read. Take care, lots of love, Patsy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Patsy πŸ™‚ I hope you all had a lovely time at the party! Mum is excited, she already has 4 grandchildren so Little Avenger will be her 5th. They all call her Nanny πŸ™‚πŸ’š


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