September 2020 Round Up

30 Weeks And I’ve Reached Whale Mode

The final stretch! 30 weeks… bloody hell! The day I reached 30 weeks, I began to find it difficult moving about, even just pulling myself forward to sit on the edge of my recliner was leaving me catching my breath. Everything has become a huge effort, so I’ve declared this phase as my peak whale mode!

I Finally Met Someone Like Me

This was a day to remember… although I’ve forgotten what date it was!

I’m a member of The Lily Foundation’s Adult Support Group on Facebook – The Lily Foundation supports those with Mitochondrial Disease. Anyway, I regularly read about others’ experiences in the group and, up until this point, I had not come across anyone who had experienced the same as me.

I got a notification to say a member had posted in the group, so I started reading… and I was lost for words.

This member has the same conditions as me (except one or two), had a tracheostomy like I did, required the same neurological rehabilitation as I did. They even have the same sort of photos of their recovery as me. And for the cherry on top, they love Marvel, and more specifically, Loki!

What are the bloody chances of that, eh?

We have chatted a few times since, and they are so lovely! I have a feeling that we will become good friends. Happy days!

Grass Is Bloody Expensive!

Well, a single grass seed to be precise. It’s happened before, Max somehow getting a grass seed stuck in his paw, which leaves him limping. The first time it happened, the vet managed to remove it without surgery. But this time, he needed surgery to remove the new seed. Thankfully, he is insured, otherwise it would have cost about Β£700!

He was a bit groggy when Mum picked him up from the vets, he stayed on my lap for the rest of the evening until I went to bed, bless him. He knows how to milk things though! The few days after, everytime he jumped up for a cuddle, he would lift his ”poorly paw’ and wouldn’t put it back down until I said, “There, there, yes we know about your poorly paw!’

Woe is Max!

Safe to say, he is back to his usual bounding-about self. Insure your furry friends, people! Grass is bloody expensive!

I’m trying to convince Mum to let Max wear shoes for when he is in the garden, but she’s against it as she thinks he will look silly. Albeit, he might look silly and I will no doubt laugh.. OK, I will definitely have a giggle… but it would protect his paws. I’ll let you know if I eventually manage to convince her.

We Had A 4D Scan

I mentioned in my August Round Up that we would be having a 4D scan. I was hoping to book it for the date of our first wedding anniversary, but the place is closed on Monday’s so I booked an appointment 2 days before.

It was an amazing experience! We went to Window To The Womb, in Norwich – they have many up and down the country. I won’t go into too much detail here about the day as it deserves its own post! I will include one photo here, but will include more in another post. I know if i start talking about the scan, I won’t stop! Here is my favourite photo – Little Avenger surprised us by doing a superhero pose – its safe to say that she is definitely our daughter!

A 4D scan image of Little Avenger doing a superhero pose - she has her arm straight and her hand balled into a fist.

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Blimey, a year already? I say that like I’m shocked and yet we have been together for 7 years. Someone give me a medal? Just kidding! I love Ewan to bits and i honestly can’t imagine life without him.

I was still quite drained from the heat, the 4D scan and shopping, so I spent our anniversary resting and catching up on sleep. Just a normal day for us. Here’s to next year!

My Hips Don’t Lie, But They’re Bloody Hurting!

Well, my hips and my groin area are definitely feeling it now. It’s not pain as such, its just a really horrible dull ache. Transferring is becoming difficult as my hips are stiff. Ewan now has to help manoeuvre my legs when getting in and out of bed, and the car.

I have noticed that by doing a few leg exercises, during the night when I wake up, it eases the ache and reduces the stiffness throughout the next day. I just hope the ache remains bearable for the remainder of my pregnancy, I doubt it will go completely, although that would be nice!

Second Growth Scan

We had Little Avenger’s second growth scan at 31 weeks and 4 days, she has put on a whole 1lb since her last growth scan at the end of August, which means she now weighs 3lbs 10oz. She is doing great and remains in the head down position.

The sonographer was the same woman who done our 4D scan! It was nice seeing her again. We saw my consultant after the scan, and we were supposed to meet the man who will be doing the c-section, but he was working nights so we will be meeting him at the last growth scan.

I’ve been given (loaned) a blood pressure monitor as I may experience blood pressure problems over the coming weeks. It only needs to be checked twice a week. The consultant said I look really well, although I did mention about the ache, she said it is normal at this stage.

No More Stomach Injections! But…

Since 13 weeks, I have been having injections in my stomach to prevent blood clots. When they were first mentioned to us, they also said that at 32 weeks, i would need to start having them in my thighs instead, due to my expanding bump and not enough skin to pinch.

As much as I don’t like injections going in places where they shouldn’t (what I think anyway), I much prefer them in my stomach as it bloody stings for ages by doing them in my thighs.

Just under 12 weeks left of having them, as I need to continue having the injections for 6 weeks after the c-section.

32 Week Midwife Appointment

We got to see our midwife this time, she was off sick at my 28 week appointment. She is just so lovely and amazes me as to how quick she has adapted to my communication needs. I wish other medical professionals would follow her example!

We heard Little Avenger’s heartbeat again and still remains our little thumper! The appointment was just generally catching up, any information that we needed to know, etc. Our midwife is going to send the list of all my medication to someone who will be able to determine if I can breastfeed or not. Hopefully in next month’s round up I can say whether I can breastfeed or not!

I also mentioned about the aches and stiffness that I’ve been struggling with, our midwife said its Pelvic Girdle Pain, which I had not heard of before, but its very common at this stage during pregnancy. I told her about the leg exercises I do at night and she said to continue with them. I do have a telephone appointment with an Obstetric Physiotherapist (Ewan will speak to them) on the 2nd, so will see what advice they have to offer.

32 Week Bump Photo

A photo of my 32 week baby bump. Very big!

I love my bump so much! Despite the aches and stiffness it’s causing, I will miss it (bump, not the aching!)

We Viewed A Peugeot Rifter

Last Friday, we got to view a Peugeot Rifter XL. I was hoping to take some pictures but it was absolutely pissing it down, I could barely see anything until I was in the car.

The inside is higher up than I had expected, but that’s OK. It is quite spacious, definitely enough room when the 2 middle seats are folded. The suspension was brilliant, a key factor especially as we live out in the country and there are more bumpy lanes then there is fllat!

We went for a test drive (Mum driving) and she enjoyed driving it, she was just weary as it wasn’t her car.

So, was I happy enough to go forward and place an order?

Definitely! Although, to my disappointment, they don’t have any in green… sigh… so I’ve gone for silver, which was the same as the vehicle that we viewed. No Loki on the outside, but on the inside… hehehe… give me time, I will jazz it up!

The woman, who was doing all the paperwork and telling us about the WAV, said it should arrive between 4 to 6 weeks. I’m just hoping (praying, pleading, begging, can you tell I’m desperate?) That it arrives before the day of my c-section… otherwise I will have to be transferring with my frame at half 5 in the morning which I’m really not looking forward to and hoping to avoid it because it will be dark, cold and I’ll be bloody tired.

… and unable to see my feet, put that all together and its a recipe for disaster!


Well, our midwife got back to us sooner than I had expected…

To my surprise, it turns out all my medication is safe to take when breastfeeding! Except one, which is my sleeping tablet. I have been thinking about coming off my sleeping tablet for quite some time now, it doesn’t help me stay asleep, only helps me to fall asleep.

To breastfeed, or to not breastfeed… that is the question…

Now I know I have the choice, I’m even more undecided on what to do. I’m not letting anyone pressure me into either option, this is my decision, and my decision only.

As much as it would benefit Little Avenger, I can’t think of a way as to how it would benefit me. Does that make me selfish?

Hear me out…

From what I’ve learned from other mums’ experiences, breastfeeding can be rewarding yet extremely tiring. I already experience fatigue due to my conditions, so if I can avoid doing something which will make my fatigue worse, then I will. Plus I don’t want to miss a single moment due to being tired all the time.

Will it be painful? I’m worried about my altered sensations around my body. It may not cause me any pain but there’s always a chance it might. Obviously I won’t know this unless I try.

All I’ve ever heard is ‘Breast is best’… surely fed is best, no matter the method? It annoys me when I read about mum’s who don’t breastfeed, for whatever reason, and they get a load of backlash for it. Again, surely if your child is fed and content then thats what matters the most.

I really don’t know what to do, of course I want whatever is best for Little Avenger, but I also want to do as much as I physically can (energy permitting) for her.

Am I selfish if I choose not to breastfeed?

As much as I loved our 4D scan, and viewing the WAV, I’m relieved that September is over. It has been an extremely overwhelming month with assessments, referrals, symptoms arising, and just generally feeling like everything has been going full steam ahead.

I struggle with information overload, and as much as I am grateful for the support that’s been made available due to assessments and referrals, I’m glad that there aren’t any more for the time being. It got to the point where it all became too much and I was quite upset for a while.

What’s Happening In October?

The month before Little Avenger arrives! That is if she doesn’t make an appearance before then!

As far as I’m aware, we have 2 telephone appointments and our health visitor coming this Friday. Then we have Little Avenger’s third and final growth scan, she weighed 3lbs 10oz at the scan earlier this month, anybody want to have a guess as to how much she will weigh at her next scan?

Then we have our 36 week midwife appointment, and hopefully, my new WAV will be delivered! I’m also due to have the flu jab, which I’m a bit weary of as I’ve not had it before, do you have the flu jab?

Even though the start of October is busy, I’m really hoping the remainder of the month is more settled and less busy. Especially as a new chapter begins in November!

Speak to you all soon!

– Ami πŸ’š

10 thoughts on “September 2020 Round Up

  1. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I don’t recall unfollowing your blog but WP is telling me that I am not following? I will refollow.

    When are you due? 🀰 Have you chosen a name? As for Breast is Best, not everyone can breastfeed. I really struggled with my daughter and ended up bottle feeding her. I couldn’t produce enough breast milk. Don’t feel bad if you end up bottle feeding. 🍼

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Hilary 😊 her original due date was 16th of November but we had an elective c-section during the first week of November πŸ™‚ I will talk more about breastfeeding in my November Round Up, but I’m pleased to say I did do her first feed which is what I really wanted to do. Thank you for the re-follow πŸ’š


  2. Wow .. well done for writing all that Ami .. I read it last night and was really moved by it. I can totally understand your feelings and feel for you. Personally, I did the breast feeding for a week or two.. it really doesnt have to be long for baby and you to benefit. It did make my tummy return normal very quickly and if you dont want to continue there is always the breast pump. Why not give it a try?
    Yes would be good to get off sleeping pills but maybe they are calming for both you and the baby so best think about that You take care, enjoy your bump, lots of love from a 77 year old [78 next month] me ha! Patsy x Maybe see you on Zoom for Ataxia UK virtual conference. x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Patsy πŸ™‚ I’ve decided that I’m going to try and do her first feed and see where we go from there. I’ve been trying to keep up to date with everything that has been going on with Ataxia UK, but with everything that’s been going on lately, its been hard to keep up! πŸ’š


  3. This is so very exciting. I adore the photo and especially her fist bump. As for breast vs. bottle, I breast fed because it was so easy. Always available always the right temperature! But the most important thing is not the method but the connection between you and the baby girl. Much of the benefit of breast, I think, is that a lot of people just prop the baby with a bottle. So the comparison isn’t really breast/bottle but connection/no connection. Just hug, baby talk and love the girl and the specific food won’t matter so much.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. That’s what swayed me, i really want that connection with her, so I’ve decided I’m going to try her first feed and see where we go from there πŸ’š

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the picture of Little Avenger!

    I agree that fed is best. You could always try it and if it’s not working well for the two of you then put the kibosh on it. But no one else should be trying to dictate what’s best for you and your baby.

    Liked by 2 people

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