Is This a WordPress Glitch?

I was wondering why I had not been receiving email notifications from some of the blogs I follow, so I thought I might find out why by looking at the list of blogs I follow.

This is what I discovered…

Image of the list of blogs I follow , most with both following and settings displayed, as opposed to a few just displaying following.

The majority are displaying both the ‘Following’ and ‘Settings’ buttons, however a few are only displaying the ‘Following’ button.

It’s the blogs that are only displaying the ‘Following’ button that I haven’t been receiving email notifications for.

Any ideas as to why this is or how it can be resolved?

Thanks in advance!

– Ami 💚

9 thoughts on “Is This a WordPress Glitch?

  1. I’m pretty new to the ecosphere, but as a power user I’ve learned that there’s quite a few glitches behind the WP reader.

    Have you tried unfollowing and following again to see if it works?

    At the least, hit up support — they have been very helpful when I’ve bothered them. ; )


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    1. I haven’t tried that, but will see it it works thanks! Just wanted to check to see if any other bloggers are experiencing the same issue before I contact the Happy Engineers 🙂

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  2. Hmmm strange. I’ve never been into the bit where it says ‘manage’ those you follow. Just clicked that and I can see the same you do, with ‘follow’ and ‘settings’, so under the settings you can click for notifications of new posts etc. I’ve scrolled down and they mostly all show both these buttons, except for a few that only show follow – I’ve clicked these and it seems to be because the blog is no longer active. Are the blogs of yours that aren’t showing settings also not active? I’ve found some blogs on the reader are now greyed out but I’m not 100% sure why as they seem to have recent posts. I assume then the lack of ‘settings’ here is because the blog has gone or isn’t live…? xx

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    1. I prefer the settings because I don’t get much time to sift through the Reader, so have set them all to email notifications so I can read them as and when. I did click on the blogs and they are still active and regularly post, so I’m not sure – its so frustrating! Might post on Twitter to see if anyone knows. Thanks Caz 💚

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