June 2021 Round Up

Daisy (7 months old)

Daisy continues to thrive every day, and with each day comes with antics. She’s got a proper little chuckle now, she is loving the sound of her own voice, she makes the strangest of noises. She is simply the best, my love for her grows each day.

Daisy laughing with a messy face as she just had lunch

Best Interview Ever

I kid you not, what do I love talking about? LOKI! Anyway, I was interviewed by a neuroscientist who is studying journalism, she wanted to ask why I like Loki and how I find him relatable. Obviously, I was in my element and even more so when she asked if the fact that Tom Hiddleston plays Loki… and I was like, Yes! Yes it is!

Only lasted for 20 minutes but you know me, any chance to talk about Loki or Tom Hiddleston, then I’m on it like a car bonnet!

Articles I’ve Written/Collaborated With/Featured in This Month


I have a habit of throwing my arms about in my sleep, this only happens when I’m very stressed or in a bad mood. I remember suddenly waking up and my right hand was in so much pain, but mainly my thumb. Ewan looked at me, he was awake anyway, and I asked him what happened. He told me that I was throwing my arms about and whacked my hand against the wall. Ouch.

At the end of the month, it still hurts but nowhere near as much as it did, thankfully.

New Role

Remember I mentioned about having to reschedule an interview recently? Well, I’m pleased as punch to announce I’m now a Volunteer Host for Scope’s Online Community! Not got a start date yet but hopefully it’s soon!


Second session of physio was really good. I done some leg exercises on the plinth and then did some standing with the bars. I’ll admit, it was disheartening to know I used to be able to walk, side-step, turn and walk backwards, while holding onto the bars but with one physiotherapist supervising. It feels like I’ve taken 100 steps back with all the progress I’ve made.

Deep down, I know it’s because of my confidence and trusting myself. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was, but I’m hopeful.

We saw Sophie, Erica and Grace. Daisy absolutely loves Sophie, always smiling when she sees her now. Can’t wait for the four of them to build up a bond with Daisy.

Bye-Bye 24 Inches

After 3 years without a hair-cut, I think it was about time to bid farewell to my long locks. With such long hair, I didn’t want to throw it away, so I decided to donate 12-13 inches of my hair to the Little Princess Trust. It feels strange to have short hair again, but it’s helping especially in this humid weather!

Loki Merchandise

With the release of Loki, on Disney+, obviously there will be a load of amazing merchandise to follow. As soon as I came across these, I just HAD to get them! Sorry bank balance…

Daisy Was Very Poorly

This happened very quickly and out of the blue. Daisy quickly became unwell with a cold, a cough, and a high temperature. If that wasn’t enough, we think she had an ear infection too, and was teething on top of it all! Poor little puddin’. The first night, she was screaming and crying, and it was heartbreaking seeing her in so much discomfort. It continued for a few days, the symptoms not the screaming, before she slowly got better.

She is back to her usual bouncy self which is a relief!

Ewan’s Second Dose

That came around quick! After his first dose, we were expecting Ewan to have horrible side effects again. So, we waited, and waited, but apart from a headache and a few achy muscles, that was it. Phew!

Loki exclusive

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to show you what I’ve managed to get my hands on, it’s not released until the end of September and I can’t wait! It is awesome, I may cry when it arrives because ever since becoming a huge fan of Loki, I have wanted one of these. Oh my, oh my, calm down Ami… I really am excited for this, can you tell I’m excited for this? Yes? Good!

Opportunity of A Lifetime

This is another flippin’ OH MY GOODNESS! I really wish I could tell you but I can’t for now. It is a huge opportunity for me and it really is the opportunity of a lifetime. That’s if I get accepted, but even though I had someone reach out to me and encouraged me to apply has given me a confidence boost. Wow, I never expected something like this. Okay, I’ll shut up now otherwise I will blab. Even if it falls through and I’m not accepted, I will tell you what it was for. Okay, Ami… you can breathe now!

Tom Hiddleston on CBeebies Storytime

Ever since I found out Tom Hiddleston was going to be on Cbeebies, I made sure the whole house knew! I set reminders, I wrote it in big letters on our whiteboard, which has any upcoming appointments for the month ahead. I was fully prepared!

When he appeared on the screen, Daisy stared right at me. I said, “Daisy, look, it’s Tom Hiddleston!” She wouldn’t take her eyes off me, and not once did she look at Tom on the screen. I was disappointed. I shook my head and said to Daisy, “You’ve just missed out on the best five minutes of your life, to date!”

Anyway, that made my Friday night.

Big Trolley

Daisy sitting in the little kid's seat in a big trolley

Daisy has grown so much now that she’s able to sit on the seat in the big trolley! She loves going around Morrison’s looking at everything.


I’m super excited to show you what Daisy and I had a photoshoot for! I’m not sure when it will be published yet but as soon as it’s available, then I will share it on my blog!


As we reach the end of the month, we are 4 episodes in to Loki, on Disney+. Can I just say… Wow. Wow. WOW! Each episode has been epic, and bloody awesome. I know I’m biased because I love Tom Hiddleston, but I am telling you, Loki is a beautiful yet complex character and to date, this series has been perfect and I have no doubt that the next 2 episodes will be anything other than extraordinary.


I can’t stop watching this video. After nearly 15 months of limited physiotherapy, I was convinced that my muscles were very weak, that my mobility wouldn’t improve. As Daisy can now sit up independently, I’ve been wanting to get on the floor so I can play with her. Anyway, as Ewan helped me on to the floor, before I sat on a pillow, I realised that it would be a good exercise with using my arms and elbows to lift myself up, which would hopefully strengthen my legs and back.

As I did this exercise, I thought this might actually help me get back onto the chair. So, I attempted it, and well, see for yourself…

Ami is sitting on the floor, with her back to her red recliner. She has her knees bent and Ewan is standing in front of her. Slowly, Ami lifts herself up with her elbows resting on the seat. She then moves slowly back onto the chair, bringing her feet closer, and doing this until her back is flat on the seat. She then uses her hands to position herself upright until she is sitting comfortably. At the end, Ami says ‘I go to sleep now’ as she is worn out.

What a month! Can’t say it’s been a low-key month, but I can definitely say it’s been a LOKI month!

What’s Happening in July?

Hopefully beginning with a breather as June felt like everything was non-stop! I was supposed to have an appointment at Addenbrooke’s this month, but there was a lot of faffing, so we rescheduled, although I’ve not got a new appointment through yet. There will be 2 new guest posts in “The Reality of…’ series. Another physio session coming up and I can’t wait to show them what I managed to do in the video above.

I have an article being published in collaboration with Hable. Got a meeting for another potential volunteer role. Hopefully, I will get some news about my powerchair too, fingers crossed!

How was your June? Have you been watching Loki on Disney+? If so, please get in contact so we can discuss!

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    1. Sorry for the delay, your comment ended up in spam and only just seen it. Thank you so much!! I plan on getting more merch… when I can find some haha X

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  1. You didn’t waste anytime buying up some Loki merchandise, but I guess it’s fitting given your logo revamp. You should ask for a Loki family discount! You could be a Loki time variant after all

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      1. Yes, we watched both of those. We liked Wanda Vision more than The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but the latter did get better once a couple episodes in, we thought.

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      1. On the series Loki I think it’s getting better than the first episodes. Now with characters disappearing I wonder what they have in mind. I’m a nut for the MCU and rewatch the entire series again. I also loved Daredevil, Jessica Jones and all those characters

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  2. I remember that wonderful baby laugh and was delighted to get to hear it coming from your precious Daisy. I was amazed by the video of your moving upright. I think it is one thing to know how you struggle and quite another to see it. Take care and lots of love to your family.

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