October 2020 Round Up

What a bloody month... October has been, by far, the most painful month in my life! Best. Thing. Ever! If you know me well enough, then you will know I'm easily impressed. As my pregnancy has progressed, I've experienced hot flushes on a daily basis - I get no warning whatsoever, my head just suddenly [...]

September 2020 Round Up

30 Weeks And I've Reached Whale Mode The final stretch! 30 weeks... bloody hell! The day I reached 30 weeks, I began to find it difficult moving about, even just pulling myself forward to sit on the edge of my recliner was leaving me catching my breath. Everything has become a huge effort, so I've [...]

August 2020 Round Up

Hey everyone, how have you been doing? Hormones Kicked In Big Time! The first week of August saw me set off on the emotional rollercoaster... cheers hormones! I lost count how many times I cried, some times were rational and the other times were for no reason at all. Some of the rational reasons were [...]

July 2020 Round Up

July 2020 Round Up

Hey everyone, how have you been? I mentioned in my recent update that I would restart my monthly round ups this month... spoiler alert - not much happened! So, this post will be short and sweet... unless I ramble... we shall see! Some Nice Photos I had to take, well Ewan did, some pictures of [...]

Just a little update

Hey everyone, how are we all? If everything goes to plan, I should be more active blogging-wise by the end of this month. I'm avoiding social media as much as I can, only checking it a few minutes a day. Ive just found these last few months so overwhelming, which I'm sure everyone has. Along [...]

Unexpected Hiatus

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? It feels odd writing again after nearly 2 months away. I wasn't planning on taking a break but it just kind of happened. I'm sorry I've not been active, I've been adjusting to something and it's still taking a while for it to sink in. I've had no [...]

The Reality of Functional Neurological Disorder – Guest Post by Alison

The Reality of Functional Neurological Disorder – Guest Post by Alison

Alison's guest post is the 53rd post in the segment on my blog, called “The Reality Of…” which gives others a platform to share their story and raise awareness of the disabilities, illnesses, impairments and invisible illnesses that they have. Meet Alison Hi, I’m Alison Hayes, and I’m from Union Beach, New Jersey, USA. My [...]