To the Point of No Return

This is the third part in sharing my persnal experience with battling ill health. Continuing on from The Beginning of The End. Since March, I had been keeping track of my weight, I was almost 18 stone. By September, I was 12 stone. I thought I had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) as weeing was [...]

The Beginning of The End

This is the second part in sharing my personal experience of battling with ill health. Continuing on from The Beginning. Instantly, I felt sick to my stomach. So many questions were running in my head, “Is it a brain tumour? Am I dying? How long have I got left?” and many more. It was difficult [...]

The Beginning

This is the first part in sharing my personal experience of battling ill health. Shortly before Christmas, in 2016, I was unwell with a common cold and sickness. From thereafter, family members began to notice I was mis-hearing words and sentences. I went to see my GP who put my hearing, well lack of it, [...]

Critical Care Review

Critical Care Review

*WARNING! MAY BE UPSETTING FOR SOME READERS - DESCRIPTIONS OF CRITICAL CARE SCENARIOS MENTIONED* It was the day, that I had been dreading for ages, ever since I got the appointment letter. When a patient is discharged from Critical Care they usually have a review about 6 months later. I didn't feel ready to face [...]