My Chronic Companions

As most of you already know, I’m passionate about raising awareness of various disabilities, illnesses, etc. Not just my own disabilities, but others too; creating a platform for others to share with us how their condition(s) affect them. This is actually an old post from around the time I started my blog, but with a […]

The Week from Hell

This is the fifth part in sharing my personal experience of battling with ill health. Continuing on from Was this Going To be My Last Christmas? The night before London, I barely slept. Knowing I was about to stay in London, in a hospital that I’d never been to nor heard of before now, for […]

The Reality of Chronic Migraines, IBS & Scoliosis – Guest Post by Alexandra

Alexandra’s guest post is the 5th post in the segment on my blog, called “The Reality Of…” which gives others the ability to share their story and raise awareness of the disabilities, illnesses, impairments and invisible illnesses that they have. Meet Alexandra! My name is Alexandra Tomlinson and I’m from South Carolina, USA and I’m […]