My Wedding Speech

I was going to try and wing my speech but I thought better not in case I forget something! I’ve never spoke in front of a crowd before so bear with me and forgive me if I ramble... I didn’t know where to begin so I thought it was best to start from the beginning... [...]

Introducing Our Wedding Party!

I would like to introduce you all to our wedding party and the characters we have chosen! Characters? Chosen? What does she mean by that? Well... We each have chosen our favourite superhero or supervillain. We are not wearing their costumes BUT what we are doing is taking the colours from our characters costumes and [...]

My 3 Wedding Wishes

As our wedding approaches closer and closer, it's safe to say that it's the only thing on our minds lately! Organising a superhero themed wedding has definitely been challenging but super creative and fun! Plus, with a very tight budget, this was definitely going to be a challenge! The other day, when I was on [...]