Introducing Our Wedding Party!

I would like to introduce you all to our wedding party and the characters we have chosen!

Characters? Chosen? What does she mean by that?


We each have chosen our favourite superhero or supervillain. We are not wearing their costumes BUT what we are doing is taking the colours from our characters costumes and coordinating them with our outfits and accessories!

Without further ado, Avengers Assemble!

Ewan has chosen Captain America! He will be wearing a blue suit, white shirt and a Captain America inspired tie – which I will show you all in the next wedding-related post!

I have chosen…well, if you know me by now you can probably guess who! Yes, indeed! I will be Loki! Sadly, finding a dress that was Loki-inspired was difficult, so the dress I will be wearing is ivory with a satin skirt and a lace bodice. Which I adore! 😍 I will be including green and gold into my accessories also! (I will include these in the next wedding post)


Jill – Matron of Honour – My Sister – She has chosen to be Black Widow! Wearing a black dress with dark red accessories!


Jonathan (Newbs) – Best Man – Ewan’s Best Friend – He has chosen to be Thor! He will be wearing a blue suit and a Thor inspired tie!


Cameron – Usher – Ewan’s Best Friend – He has chosen to be Iron Man! He will be wearing a black suit.


India – Bridesmaid – My Best Friend – She has chosen Iron Man! She will be wearing a red dress, gold shoes and an arc reactor necklace!


Belinda – Bridesmaid – My Best Friend – She has chosen Thor! She will be wearing a grey dress with silver shoes and red accessories!

The Little Superheroes

Niece 1 – Bridesmaid – will be Harley Quinn (the black and red version)! She is wearing a red dress, and black accessories.

P – Niece 2 – Bridesmaid – will be Supergirl! She will be wearing a red dress, blue sash and a little bit of yellow.

K & J – Niece 3 & 4 – Bridesmaids – will be Wonder Woman! They are wearing a blue dress, red sash and a little bit of gold.

M – Nephew 1 – Page Boy – will be our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! He will be wearing a black suit with a Spider-Man t-shirt!

M – Nephew 2 – Page Boy – will be the caped crusader Batman! He will be wearing a black suit and a Batman torso t-shirt.

Niece 5 & 6 – Flower girls – They are going to be their own little superheroes and wear pink and purple!

I’m crazy excited to see us all together!

Before any super fans finish reading, I’m very much aware that characters are from DC as well as Marvel…but our personal favourite is Marvel, hence ‘Avengers Assemble!’

16 thoughts on “Introducing Our Wedding Party!

  1. This is such a fab and unique way of celebrating your wedding and love of superheroes, Ami. I just love the way everyone has their own character and incorporating the colours. I’m sure you are all going to have such a wonderful and fun day. I can imagine that the kids will have a ball with it! I can’t wait to hear more about it and to see your wedding pics. xx πŸ™‚

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  2. Omg Ami this is an amazing idea and I absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of it all! It’s such a unique way to incorporate your love of superheroes into your day. Can’t wait to see it all come together! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really love the idea of your outfits being inspired by your favourite superheroes or villains. It allows you to still have a great traditional style kind of wedding whilst also adding a bit of fun to it all

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