My 30 by 30

*This is an updated version of My 25 by 25, I figured I needed to be more realistic and actually.give myself time to achieve them!

As I approach the age of 25 in a few weeks, I wanted to regain my focus and set some goals. Albeit, some are random and just for fun, but I would love to achieve these! I will add photos and cross each one off as I go.

Here are my 30 goals to achieve before turning 30!

Marry Ewan!

Ami and Ewan are declaring their vows. Ami is sitting in her wheelchair, wearing an ivory satin knee-length dress with a lace bodice. Ewan is kneeling beside her. He is wearing a navy suit and a white shirt, he also has a comic book page styled rose buttonhole.

Meet Tom Hiddleston

To be kinder to myself.

To overcome my fear of trying new foods

To raise awareness about disabilities and rare diseases.

Learn more Sign Language

Go to Naidex

Go to Comic Con

Be confident in myself

Finish my recovery story

Continue to be involved with Scope

Get another tattoo

To give back, to those who have helped me in 2018

Ami and Ewan presenting a cheque which was made from the donations of their wedding guests. Ami is trying to hide behind the cheque as her rehab doctor is praising her.

Own as many superhero-related t-shirts as possible!

To meet as many superhero actors as I can

Go to a film premiere

Continue to control my Ataxia

To tell Ewan a fact he didn’t know about a superhero – he claims to know everything about them! I found out Hawkeye is actually deaf!

Go on a shopping spree

Be confident in communicating with others

Speak in front of a group of people

Play every crane game at an arcade

Be more organised I am so much more organised than I was when I created this post!

Pay off my overdraft

Have a go at trying to work out Pinterest

Get a WAV and use my powered wheelchair out and about

Design some UndercoverSuperhero merch

Organise a fundraiser in aid of Scope

Complete the Superhero Tri each year! 2019

Ami has just transferred into the car after leaving the Superhero Tri. Ewan is beside her, holding up a medal. They look shattered.

Learn to safely get up from the floor

What are your long-term goals?

13 thoughts on “My 30 by 30

  1. Looking forward to reading more of your hiking journeys! Good luck with the moose! They always look so pretty in pictures, I really hope you get to see them πŸ’š

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A great list Ami. Good luck with them. I have not long written my 2019 Aims and goals. I think they are so important. I do a bit with Scope too. But hope to do more this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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