October Round Up

Happy Halloween superheroes! A Good Physio Session My first physio session as a married woman! In this session, my posture was really good and I was able to control my Ataxia a lot more than usual, that's never happened before! But I felt it as soon as I got into the car to go home! [...]

The F Word

All this week, I've been feeling like a complete failure and I have no idea why. I'm having trouble focusing on writing any content, other then just pouring my heart out right now. I feel lost...the wedding consumed everyday life this year and now it's all done... I don't know what to do. I'm really [...]

September Round Up

Disclaimer: The section marked with * at the end does NOT contain a affiliate link, which means I will NOT be commissioned should you choose to purchase a copy. Okay, 2019 really needs to slow down! The Reality of... Gina talks about the reality of being diagnosed with Scleroderma and living with a positive mindset. [...]

A Quick Update

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well as can be! This week, Ewan and I will be going on our honeymoon and will not be using the internet so any comments or emails you send, I promise they won't be ignored, I will reply as soon as I get back home! There are 2 guest posts [...]

The New Mr & Mrs!

We did it! We got married! There will be more photos along the next couple of weeks when they emerge from our guests and our photographer... but for now, we are resting and enjoying some time together!

I Need A Moment

This week should be enjoyable, but so far, it's been the complete opposite. I was going to write this last night but I was in so much pain trying to control a panic attack that I didn't have the energy to type. My head is all over the place... My Nan had a fall last [...]

August Round Up

How is August over already?? A Beautiful Dream This was honestly the most beautiful dream I'd ever had, not beautiful as in pretty beautiful, but it was complete happiness It was our wedding day, and everything went in slow motion. I was in my wheelchair, behind the doors to the ceremony room and told those [...]