May 2021 Round Up

Went Out in My Powerchair The first day of the month seems very apt to do something for the first time, or is that just me? As it had now been 2 weeks since my second dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, I decided it was time to reacquaint myself with the big wide world. Where [...]

April 2021 Round Up

The Reality of Series is Back As some of you may have already seen, “The Reality of…” series is back! I am thrilled about this as more people raise awareness and share their stories with us. There is a new guest post every fortnight, on Friday’s at 5pm. This month, the series has featured Georgina, [...]

March 2021 Round Up

On The Waiting List I mentioned in my goals for 2021 that I hope to get a new powerchair as my current one is no longer best suited for me. When Mum phoned Wheelchair Services, she was told I was still on their records therefore I was able to be put on the waiting list [...]

February 2021 Round Up

Daisy (3 Months Old) She’s getting so big! Health Visitor Our health visitor came out for Daisy’s 12 week appointment, well technically Daisy was 13 weeks old at this point but anyhoo… we knew Daisy would be weighed and Ewan guessed 12lbs, Mum guessed 12lbs 4oz, and I guessed 13lbs 5oz. Guess Mummy knows best [...]

January 2021 Round Up

A belated Happy New Year to you all! What are you all hoping for this coming year? Daisy (2 Months Old) A New Symptom? Not 'New Year, New Me' but instead 'New Year, New Symptom'! Well, not new as such, I've experienced it a lot in the past but I finally figured out what it [...]

December 2020 Round Up

Well, superheroes and villains, the end of 2020 has arrived. Not a lot happened this month so the usual round-up will be quite short. However, as it's the end of the year, I will also take a moment to reflect over the year. Daisy (1 Month Old) How is our Little Avenger 1 month old [...]

November 2020 Round Up

Woah... where did November go? Steroid Injections and COVID Test I mentioned in my October Round Up that I had to have steroid injections which would help Little Avenger's lungs. I had the first injection on Saturday 31st October, it either had to be administrated in my thigh or my butt cheek. I chose my [...]

October 2020 Round Up

What a bloody month... October has been, by far, the most painful month in my life! Best. Thing. Ever! If you know me well enough, then you will know I'm easily impressed. As my pregnancy has progressed, I've experienced hot flushes on a daily basis - I get no warning whatsoever, my head just suddenly [...]

September 2020 Round Up

30 Weeks And I've Reached Whale Mode The final stretch! 30 weeks... bloody hell! The day I reached 30 weeks, I began to find it difficult moving about, even just pulling myself forward to sit on the edge of my recliner was leaving me catching my breath. Everything has become a huge effort, so I've [...]